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Organic Mattresses

Pure Materials

Natural latex from plants (usually the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis) has been used for over a century to make foam rubber - a non-toxic alternative to plastic foams which is more resilient, body-conforming, and durable. Around the natural foam rubber core, our mattresses feature organic cotton covers. We have two styles of cover - one which is quilted with wool batting to provide enhanced breathability, and one with a stretch-knit fabric for more of a "sink in" feel. Wool is one of our favorite bedding materials, because it draws moisture into its hollow fibers, creating a drier sleep environment that is resistant to dust mites and cooler in summer.

What's Not In There

Many customers come to us after learning about toxic flame retardant chemicals that are often present in mattresses and furniture. Our products are completely free of polyurethane foams and fire retardant chemicals, and meet the federal fire regulations using a wool layer, or another non-toxic inert material

Customizable Comfort

Two of our mattress models allow you to configure the density of latex layers within the mattress, so you can fine tune the amount of support for your spine (the lower layers) and the amount of pressure point relief (top layers). These mattresses can even be configured separately for two partners (in queen or king sizes). We have several latex toppers which can be added to any mattress for a softer top layer, and wool-fill toppers which can enhance the breathability.


We've been selling organic mattresses for over 10 years, and have the experience needed to help you assemble a healthy and super-comfortable sleeping environment.


While organic mattresses are not inexpensive, they do tend to last 2-3 times longer than typical mattresses with synthetic foams that break down quickly. (You should get 10-15 years of comfortable sleep on your organic mattress). They are priced in the same ballpark as well known synthetic memory foam mattresses with the toxicity problems mentioned above. In addition, all mattress purchases at Home Green Home come with a coupon for 20% off all of our organic bedding for 6 months.