October 2013 
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Autumn is off to a beautiful start here in the Finger Lakes with sunny days, brilliant clear blue skies, and the beginnings of yellow and red hues here and there in the foliage. I'm feeling grateful to live in a place with easily accessible natural beauty! Unfortunately, I'm also still suffering from a bit of writer's block. I'll try again this month the secret ancient cure: MJA (Mainstream Journalism Attitude).

Have a fabulous fall!
Joe & HGH Staff
Sexiest Designer on Earth!   

My wife met Cisco Pinedo, furniture designer and owner at Cisco Brothers, at a trade show several years ago, and commented that he was "so cute". Subsequently, several peer-reviewed studies have confirmed that he is, indeed, a hottie. He is also a pioneer in the area of sustainable furniture construction.

Over the past year or two, a number of high-profile articles about toxic flame retardant chemicals in furniture (e.g. in Chicago Tribune and the New York Times), have noticeably increased interest in natural, non-toxic upholstered furniture options. Noting this, we have refocused a corner of our store on furniture, pairing a Cisco sofa and chair with reclaimed wood furniture by local artist Paul Colucci (also a very handsome guy). The great news is that having a tiny furniture department relying more on a catalog has allowed us to make this high quality furniture significantly more affordable than was previously possible.

Where most companies are content to make their "green" sofas with a polyurethane foam that contains around 20% plant-based oils and 80% petrochemicals and flame retardants, Cisco uses only renewable natural foam rubber along with down or wool in their cushions. Further, they use only Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainably sourced hardwoods and plant-based finishes for their frames. Combined with other ingredients pioneered by Cisco such as jute webbing, organic cotton batting, and a wide selection of linen fabrics, the result is a line of truly natural handcrafted custom furniture. Cisco is a talented designer (much admired in the design press) who offers a broad range of styles to suit every home from Beverly Hills to Belle Sherman. Cisco has kept his production based in his Los Angeles neighborhood, providing much needed fair-wage jobs in his local community.

We currently have the Acacia Sofa and Prana Meditation Chair in the showroom, and we are looking to add another chair soon. You can help us decide on a chair by surfing over to the online catalog and telling us which model of chair is your favorite. If we go with your suggestion, we'll write you a $50 HGH gift certificate!
GDP Set to Grow, Grow Grow! 

But wait, says Annie Leonard, our institutionalized goal of "More" is obscuring the far healthier goal of "Better"...

Many of our homies will be familiar with Annie and The Story of Stuff. Hot off the virtual press is her latest video, The Story of Solutions.   Check it out!
Free Organic Pillows for Everyone!...

... Everyone who buys s Savvy Rest adult mattress in October, to be precise.

In fact, Savvy Rest
is offering not only 2 of their very nice shredded rubber adjustable-fill pillows, but also an organic cotton mattress pad and a body pillow!

Did you know that with the Savvy Rest Serenity mattress, firmness can be customized for each partner (in Queen and larger sizes)? Three layers of natural latex and three density options  mean multiple ways to configure your side of the bed for maximum comfort. If you have been pondering investing in a Savvy Rest mattress, this month is a great time to do so.
The Top 6 Things Smart Women Want In Bed!  
  1. Organic Cotton Sheets from Home Green Home
  2. Kapok or Wool Filled Pillows from Home Green Home 
  3. Down Duvet from Home Green Home
  4. Linen Duvet Cover & Shams from Home Green Home
  5. An Engaging Book on Creating a Healthier Home & World from Home Green Home
  6. A Partner Who Is Smart Enough to Shop at Home Green Home 
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