HGH News : November 2015
Just one week til Thanksgiving! This time of year we reflect on our gratitude for the nutritious food on our tables and the lovely people in our lives. For several years now I've tried to extend this annual ritual into a daily one, giving thanks each morning for the hot breakfast and the hot shower, giving thanks while jogging for the oxygen and the sunshine (or the cloud shade), and at least once a day for the gift of loving family and friends. What I've found corroborates the findings of researchers in positive psychology - that cultivating gratitude alleviates anxiety and depression. According to Harvard Medical School's
Health Beat, "Gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships."

Here's to a grateful November!

-- Joe
Upcoming Downtown Events

Been down to check out the beautiful new Commons? There's a lot to see and do downtown in the coming weeks. When you come down, save money by parking in the City garages (Seneca or Green St) and grab a validated parking slip from us good for a free hour! (The new on street parking pay stations are a bit of a hassle. Reportedly less so if you use the ParkMobile app on your smartphone.)

If you haven't yet, check out some of the newer stores like Breathe, Cellar D'or Wines & Ciders, Mockingbird Paperie, and Thrive Ethical Fashion. And note that IthacaMade is now open in their new location in Dewitt Mall!

Nov 28 - Small Business Saturday - a great time to support small local independent businesses!

Dec 4 - Downtown Gallery Night, featuring a new show by Fernando Llosa at HGH!

Dec 5 - A 5K Santa Run hosted by the YMCA, followed by Santa rappelling down Center Ithaca and associated festivities.

Dec 5 - Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair at GreenStar's The Space

Dec 10-12 - Ithaca Ice Festival featuring ice carving competitions, the beautiful Ice Bar, and capped off with a Chowder Cook Off.
Mindfulness Rising

One really hopeful thing we've noticed recently is a big uptick in interest around mindfulness and related practices. We've always sold books by Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, but this year his small
books on mindfulness like How to Love, How to Sit, and Making Space have become big sellers. Interest in our new coloring books for adults - another calming contemplative practice - has also been strong. We're taking the hint and stocking up on some new colorful meditation cushions and a variety of mindfulness bells for your guilt-free mindful gifting needs!
Thanksgiving Musings
by Store Manager Alyssa de Villiers

My last day working at Home Green Home will be the first of the New Year. After working at Home Green Home for what will be 5 years, I have much to be thankful for. First and foremost, I want to thank all of our amazing customers. You give strength to local businesses like ours and help provide good jobs like mine for our community.
At Home Green Home, being an employee means you can still be an individual. We help our Homies out through the ups and downs of all of our lives and send our best well wishes as people move on to new endeavors, while welcoming in new members to our team. Ours is a living wage job, designed to allow people to get fair pay for their work. We care about you, the customer, because you are our friends, neighbors, and broader community members. The money you spend helps support us, and in turn our money is spent in our community to a great extent. This is a fundamentally different model than a national corporation paying minimum wages to employees, while profits accumulate in the upper echelons of the company. And just like Home Green Home cares about its local employees, we care about the employees around the world who are making the products we sell. We don't want to engage in a downward race for the cheapest product; we want to engage in a race for the best product - the most durable, the best value, the product that helps support real people in our local community and the world community.
And what makes it possible for us to continue our mission is our customers. Thank you for all of your product recommendations, your thoughtfulness about environmental and social concerns, your great conversations, and interesting stories. Thank you to our regulars who brighten my workday whenever I see you. Thank you for asking after my day and asking after my sheep. Thank you to folks who have saved their pennies because they believe in non-toxic mattresses for their families and the folks who didn't have to save, but made the same choice. Thank you to our loyal local base and thank you to all of our visiting customers who have come in from all around the USA, Canada, and sometimes the rest of the world and shared their good energies.
Of course I have to thank all of our amazing team, the Home Green Homies - right now Megan, Margaret, Aurea (Fefy), Crystal, and of course Joe. Thank you Joe for being a kind and thoughtful boss and working so hard to fight against the "business as usual" norm so that you can provide meaningful jobs for your employees. It has always meant a lot to me and it has meant it has been an honor to work at your store for 5 years.
I look forward to another amazing holiday season - this is such a fun time of year to work in retail. We get to see everyone thinking about their loved ones and bringing that energy to the store with them. We are proud that no one has yet run anyone down trying to break in the doors at Home Green Home on Black Friday, but we do hope to see you on Small Business Saturday. Or maybe later in the season, as the mood strikes. Whatever your plans are, have a wonderful Thanksgiving to start.
See all of you at the store!

Home Green Home | 215 the Commons, Ithaca NY | 607-319-4159