Nov 2013 
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As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, we'd just like to say...

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!!
-- Joe & the HGH Staff
Holiday Sale on Organic Towels & Bathrobes!

Thanks to our loyal Home Green Homies it has been a year of healthy growth for our business despite the impacts of construction on the Ithaca Commons. In a spirit of gratitude and celebration, we're happy to share the love by offering 25% off on all of our luxurious organic cotton towels & robes to our newsletter readers (feel free to pass along to friends and family!). Mention this newsletter for your discount, now through Dec 31, 2013. Need it shipped? Shipping is free for orders over $75, and otherwise costs $5.
Tide Turning on Flame Retardants?

Awareness of the issue of toxic chemical flame retardants in mattresses and furniture has grown significantly in the past couple of years, thanks in large part to coverage in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune.

Now it seems we may finally be at a turning point, with recent changes to obscure California regulations that were driving furniture industry practices for decades. As noted yesterday in an op-ed by Nicholas Kristoff, years of deceptive lobbying by the chemical industry have been effectively exposed by journalists and public health advocates. An exciting development that Mr. Kristoff alerted us to is the new HBO documentary which airs tonight, "Toxic Hot Seat". Let's hope this whole issue will soon be truly behind us as a nation.
New Product Spotlight: bgreen

We sometimes hear through the grapevine that friends of friends don't come to visit "because they can't afford thousands for a mattress or sofa" or because "they buy everything used".

To both of these objections, we can now reply, "How about underwear?!"

We are pleased to announce we now carry sustainable unmentionables from bgreen apparel in a variety of styles, colors and sizes of both women's and men's underwear, all sewn in Los Angeles and made with 100% organic cotton (and with GOTS certification). Men's styles include boxers, boxer-briefs, and briefs.
Free Cold Now Available!
A strategy often overlooked for saving energy in winter is to use the abundant cold air (and/or soil) to cool things for free.

A highly developed version of this idea is the root cellar. These come in many forms depending on your situation and budget. For instance, here's a plan from Mother Earth News for a passive cooled, insulated "root cellar" closet you can build in your basement - even if your basement is pretty warm.

A simpler everyday technique can be used to chill warm leftovers - simply take the pot off your stove and put it out on the porch (or in an attached garage) for a few hours - it will make your refrigerator's job a lot easier - especially for something like a big pot of hot soup or stew which contains quite a few BTUs. Have some room in the back of your fridge? Freeze a gallon of water on the porch and transfer it to the fridge for a free "coldness boost". Have extra space in the freezer? Fill it with frozen containers of water to crowd out the warm air that rushes in when the freezer is opened.

Speaking of cold, don't forget to lock all of your home's windows for the season. Most modern windows seal more tightly when the latch is in the locked position.
Support a Vibrant Downtown

Construction on the Ithaca Commons has decreased foot traffic this year, which can be especially hard on newer businesses trying to gain a foothold in a competitive retail economy. Fortunately, the construction will soon pause for the winter, and a large plaza has been opened up in the center of the Commons to make some elbow room for busy shoppers. Please make time to check out some of our younger Commons siblings this year during your holiday shopping, such as The Art & Found, Cellar D'Or, Bloom, and Mockingbird Paperie. I think you will find that they are all pretty cool new additions to downtown.

Note, Downtown Ithaca Gift Cards are available at the Visitor Center (2 doors down from our store, on the other side of Diaspora) - they make a great gift for anyone who loves downtown. And, while there you can avail yourself of free gift wrapping, parking validation, and a downtown concierge! Hours and details here...


Save 25%
Save 25% on all organic cotton robes and towels (bath towels and yoga towels are eligible).
Offer Expires: 12/31/13