November 2010
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The current forecast calls for a string of lovely clear-sky afternoons with temps in the 50s, and I hope to hit the trails and take advantage. (Did you know Ithaca was ranked #3 in the US last year by Trail Runner magazine? And for good reasons...) At the same time, I know in my bones that it's time to make that mental shift to living in the cooler half of the year - berries from a canned jam rather than the bush, a hot fire in the fireplace or oven rather than a hot sun overhead, friends and family gathered with hot drinks on the sofa rather than cold drinks on the porch, and a much lengthened process of dressing for the morning bike commute. There's so much to appreciate in every season!
Supplies for Cozying Up are In

Coyuchi organic beddingFeeling a bit of a draft in the living room? Soft organic cotton throw to the rescue! Ready to retire a threadbare quilt or blanket? Our organic cotton blankets and quilts, wool-filled comforters, and gorgeous linen duvet covers stand ready to help keep Jack Frost from interfering with The Sandman. The new reversible quilts from Coyuchi are an especially luxurious way to add a touch of weight to your bedding, and they've been selling fast. Keep in mind, if you don't see the size or color of your future dreams on the shelf, we can generally get it in a week or two. See the coupon below for savings on feathering up your winter nest.
Energy Tips for the Heating Season

If you're ready for a comprehensive home envelope check-up, cold and windy days are the best time for it - air leaks will show up clearly on a thermal camera that might be nearly invisible in warm weather. Find Building Performance Institute accredited contractors here. Our personal fave would be our home green homies over at Snug Planet.

icy twigs imageFor a DIY checkup, inspect around windows, doors and cracks when the wind is blowing, note drafty spots, and install weather stripping and caulk as needed. On modern windows, the lock usually serves to tighten and seal the sash - a good fall ritual is to check that all of these are locked down as you remove your screens for the season (removing screens will allow more daylight in - essential on cloudy days especially - and may improve passive solar heating as well).

Take advantage of the need for cozy heat in the kitchen by doing some baking - the heat will do double duty in creating scrumptious treats or meals while warming up the family's favorite gathering spot. After dinner, if that pot of soup or casserole dish is still hot, try cooling it on the front or back porch for an hour - using nature's fridge to reduce the workload on your electric model.

Still feeling a slight chill? A hot bath may be the ticket. With a dash of peppermint bath salts from 17th Century Suds to stimulate your circulation, and your plush organic cotton velour robe at the ready, a nice soak completes the winter day nicely. But wait - don't pull the drain plug! Leave the hot bath water sit overnight to recover all those wonderful BTUs into your home!
Green Gift Ideas
A shot of sustainability for your eggnog?

One excellent practice that's been growing in recent years is to make donations to worthy organizations in honor of your giftees. Numerous such opportunities are brought together every year at the Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair.

For some giftees, is may feel more appropriate to exchange more traditional gifts. One way to combat the excessive accumulation of frivolous "stuff" is to give consumables - for example locally made or homemade preserves, honey, maple syrup, or wine. Local soaps and candles also fit in the consumables category. If you're a knitter like my wife Michelle, you probably have other fabulous and fibrous gift ideas in mind...

Some items here at HGH this year that make nice gifts -
For the yogi in your life, organic cotton yoga towels or a fair-trade yoga mat bag. For the aspiring sustainable homemaker, we have lovely books on growing, cooking and preserving food. Almost anyone can enjoy locally crafted beeswax candles to illuminate special winter evenings, with or without essential oil scents. Perennial customer favorites include Chris Hardman's Ecological Calendar, recycled or tree-free journals, locally crafted pottery, and recycled glassware.

Stop in next time you're downtown to gather some ideas!
We're Hiring!

The job: Sales Associate, mainly weekend shifts, 4-12 hours per week.

Maybe you know the perfect candidate...someone friendly and passionate about sustainable and healthy to work 4, 8 or 12 hours on most weekends...if so, have them email or drop off a resume to Joe (

We are a certified Tompkins County living wage employer.
Tired of bad news and hungry for positive solutions and stories? If you're not familiar with our #1 favorite print/online publication, Yes! Magazine, you should check out their site. A great starting place is their recent article...

How to Make Biking Mainstream: Lessons from the Dutch

Thanks for reading and have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

--Joe & the HGH Staff
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