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  November 2009
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  It's that time again when we take stock of the year's "harvest" and count our blessings. At Home Green Home we've gone through some major adjustments in 2009 - shrinking our space by half, welcoming our new neighbors at Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon, shifting away from furniture and toward smaller items that support a sustainable lifestyle, and more recently, launching e-commerce on our website.

  I feel grateful for the support and encouragement of our customers, employees, and suppliers as we've navigated through the economic storm. It feels good to continue to have the opportunity to enable healthy choices for families, the larger community, and the Earth.

- Joe
Healthy Homecoming Party 11/30
  with Katie Kelly of Clean New York
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Please join Home Green Home and Clean New York for a Healthy Homecoming Party!

Learn how to cut through the confusion about chemicals in plastic and furniture, which chemicals are of concern, and what we can do!

Both plastics and furniture can contain ingredients known to affect our health and environment.  These chemicals should not be in products we use every day! Laws concerning these chemicals are outdated and ineffective, so we're left in the dark about how best to protect ourselves and families.

 Join us to learn more and check out some of the non-toxic options available at Home Green Home!

Where: Home Green Home, 215 The Commons

When: Monday November 30th

What: Healthy Homecoming Party about furniture and plastics

Why: So we can make better decisions for our family and the planet!

Please RSVP to:
Katie Kelly is the Child-Safe Products Campaign Coordinator for Clean New York, a project of Women's Voices for the Earth
Pre-Family-Visit House Cleaning?
Host cleaner photoHave carpets that need cleaning? Concerned that many cleaning methods involve questionable chemicals or leave your carpet damp and invite mold?
Try the HOST dry carpet cleaning system. An all-natural product, it consists of a powdered bio-fiber moistened with a safe detergent and citrus solvent. You simply brush it in with a rotary brush machine ($17 for two days rental), leave it in for an hour, then vacuum. Because HOST is a low-moisture cleaner, carpet can be walked on during cleaning and is ready for use immediately after cleaning. Safe for wool and natural fiber as well as synthetics, and works really well.
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Think Local First!

We're joining forces again this year with Local First Ithaca to promote the
importance of supporting the local economy. Watch for Local Lover Challenge cards at your favorite local shops.

As the well known Andersonville Study showed, about 60% more of the money spent at local businesses stays in the local economy compared to a national chain store. Online businesses (except local ones) take all of your money directly out of town. When you consider that each secondary vendor that a local business buys from is also more likely to spend locally (vs a chain), you can see there's a big multiplier effect that can substantially improve the economy and the budgets of local municipalities. Every decision to purchase something locally is a vote for a healthy, vibrant Ithaca!

The virtues of buying locally are not always fully appreciated, so please spread the good word among friends and family!
Some newer additions to our
cool reusable lunchwares...
Earthlust canary bottle
peace girl lunch sack snacktaxi sandwich pouch photo
If you have not been in lately, you may not have met Lindsey Hardy, our new Assistant Manager. Lindsey is bringing a lot of enthusiasm and fresh green ideas to HGH. She's planning to offer a presentation on the state of climate change politics when she returns from a trip to the Copenhagen talks in December. She's also planning to convene a book group in January around Al Gore's new book "Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis". (Use the coupon below to grab your copy early at HGH.) Look for these and other educational offerings in the coming months at HGH!
- Joe
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