March 2014 
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Happy Spring! (one day early)

I've been doing my best to enjoy the minty fresh breezes of winter - with mixed success. I've definitely enjoyed the ceremonial release of decades-worth of stored sunlight in our masonry stove these past few months. The sensory wonders of spring are surely just around the corner, and likely to be enjoyed extra deeply after this winter. May the spring rains bring forth rich life and beauty in your gardens this spring. Which reminds me - I need to head next door to FLRTC for a rain jacket...

Product Spotlight: The Artful Furniture of Paul Colucci

You've likely noticed Paul Colucci's eye catching art furniture in the store over the years - beautiful pieces made from upcycled salvaged materials that embody a wabi-sabi aesthetic. (Paul also made many of our store's display fixtures.) While some of Paul's pieces are fairly complex in construction, such as the Sawtooth Cabinet presently located near our front door, lately Paul has been focusing on simpler designs and  construction methods that make possible lower priced pieces that retain the same level of functionality, creativity and beauty. Our rotating collection has recently included really cool coffee tables, hall tables, hutches, and a rolling kitchen island (pictured). Stop in and check out these awesome, one-of-a-kind and remarkably affordable works of functional art! And note - a custom version can be tailor-made to fit your space!
Savvy Rest March Promotion

The Savvy Rest Serenity mattress has been increasingly popular due to the ability to customize both sides independently, and the peace of mind from Savvy's 90 day latex comfort-exchange policy. Made with 3 layers of natural latex that come in 5 different densities, they can be set up like angel food cake for one partner and cinder block for the other.

Purchase a Savvy Rest mattress in March, and receive FREE:
  • 1 set of Savvy Rest organic cotton sheets (matching size) PLUS
  • 1 Savvy Rest organic cotton mattress pad (matching size) PLUS
  •  2 Savvy Rest organic pillows filled with shredded latex in standard, queen or king size;
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Shower Curtain Liners are Here!

For years, people have been coming in asking for an eco-friendly alternative to the common vinyl shower curtain liner, and while we've always had lovely organic cotton and linen curtains, those fairly pricey outer curtains were often not what people were looking for. So, we were thrilled to recently discover a simple and affordable curtain made of #2 plastic which is free of yucky stuff and is recyclable in Tompkins County to boot! (In areas where recycling is not available, the manufacturer will take it back and recycle it for you). Our staff is about to try them out, but in our excitement we couldn't hold off a special promotion... see coupon below!
Discussion Group: Changing the Story We Inhabit - 4/30 at HGH

I recently read Charles Eisenstein's book "The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible" and found it to be rich with insights in a conceptual territory few other authors, to my knowledge, have ventured into. While much has been written about behavioral or technological adaptations that would benefit humanity and the planet, less has been written about the mythology, or set of cultural assumptions, that underlie our society, and how a paradigm shift at this level may be the most crucial and fundamental change we need.

Rather than make this a book discussion, we'll make it optional to read the book - if you're interested in the topic but can't get to the reading, come anyway. If you do want to read the book, we'll sell you one at 50% off the cover price (until 4/29). It is also available to read online.

Discussion Group   Wed April 30, 7:30-9:00PM

RSVP to <> so we'll know how many books to order.
Save 20%
Excited as we are about nontoxic recyclable shower curtain liners? Save 20% on your "Ty" Shower Curtain, or get one for FREE with the purchase of any Coyuchi shower curtain (in stock or by special order).
Offer Expires: 4/30/14