March 2012 
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 We're getting used to setting daily record high temperatures lately, and it would be easy to become consumed by climate change worries. Instead, I'm resolving to use this impetus to double down on my efforts to eat and buy locally, reduce car trips, and finally get around to caulking a few drafty spots in my house. At the same time, I'm aiming to take each beautiful day as it comes - be it a scorcher or a blizzard - and enjoy it to the fullest. Because...why else are we here?
FREE Energy!!!

This past Sunday I decided to put our family's Sun Oven to the ultimate test - a large batch of unsoaked black beans. I started around 10:30am, turned the oven about 3 or 4 times during the course of the day, and despite a good number of clouds in the afternoon, found that we had fully cooked beans when we took the pot out around 4pm! Even with the pressure cooker, we'd have burned a good amount of fossil fuel to cook them indoors, not to mention heating up the house on a hot day. This thing really works. It's a slow cooker for your yard that runs on pure sunshine and produces only heat and happiness! In case you need a further testimonial, my friend Francis Vanek, who runs the non-profit STEVEN Foundation which promotes solar cooking internationally, loves his Sun Oven! Get yours and start enjoying some fabulous solar meals.
Free Fertilizer!!!
coyuchi bedding
Would you like to get started with composting, or fine tune your current composting setup? We've got a variety of tools to help, from kitchen compost pails to spinning composters and pile aeration tools to worm bin systems to books written by the premier compost gurus. We even have composting fan t-shirts and bumper stickers! Composting kitchen scraps and yard waste is a really satisfying way to reduce your waste stream while creating a rich and healthy soil amendment for your plants. It is truly reincarnation in action. Watch for a few new products coming in our composting dept this spring!
Free Rainwater!!!

On those days when the rainclouds come for a visit and you can't cook with the sun, don't despair - other awesome free natural resources can be harvested! Rainwater has a number of advantages for plant health. It does not have the chlorine or other additives that may be in your municipal water, and could be toxic to your beneficial soil microbes. It costs no money or energy to collect - unlike even most well water. A brief rain shower will fill a 54 gallon barrel very quickly from a typical roof, and it will patiently wait there for the next dry spell when your plants get thirsty. I even find a spiritual benefit in using our two rain barrels at home - because it takes a few minutes to fill a large bucket or watering can, I am forced to slow down and enjoy being outside rather than just rushing through chores. These barrels can be chained together for extra capacity. Let this be the year you make friends with the rainclouds!
FREE Collaborative Education!
coyuchi beddingWe're hoping to get back into a rhythm with holding book groups and other educational events, and what better time than spring to get back in the swing? Let's start with this intriguing title by environmental leader James Gustave Speth. We'll discuss chapters 1-6 on Tues April 17 at 7pm, and then chapters 7-12 on Tues May 1 at 7pm. Mention the book group for 20% off on the book.

"Our vital task is now to change the operating instructions for today's destructive world economy before it is too late. The book is about how to do that"

"the most compelling plea we have for changing our lives and our politics" - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

A Washington Post Best Nonfiction Book of 2008

More about the book


Thanks for reading, and see you soon downtown!
Joe & the HGH Staff 
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