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June 2008
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We hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying this beautiful weather.  We have been quite busy researching, ordering and receiving new products - so busy that we neglected to send out a May newsletter.  Please stop by the store soon to see what we've been up to.  It's always a pleasure to see our "home green homies"!
New for Summer!
Our most recent finds
Short handle Cobrahead toolOne of Joe's favorite activities is discovering, researching and sourcing new products for the store.  He's had quite a bit of luck in the last month.  Here's a list of his favorite finds:
  • Cobrahead weeding tool:  Made in the USA utilizing recycled plastic; the new favorite garden tool of Becca, Michelle and our customer, Heather; available in short or long handle. Cobrahead, like us, is a member of Coop America.
  • FSC-certified sustainably harvested eucalyptus patio furniture:  octagonal table, folding chairs and side tables; similar to teak in its beauty & durability;
  • Push reel mowers from American Lawnmower
  • Raincatcher 54 gallon rain barrels; made in Canada
  • Compost Tumblers; 7 cubic foot spinning tumbler
  • New Wave Enviro dechlorinating shower and bath filters
  • Stainless steel water bottles
  • Waste free lunch containers from New Wave Enviro and Laptop Lunch
  • Citronella and Sandlewood outdoor candle tins from Sunbeam Candles - made locally in Spencer using solar power!
  • Organic cotton placemats, tablecloths and napkins by Fiber Active, made with fair labor practices in North Carolina;
  • Organic mattress line by WJ Southard of Syracuse


HGH Book Group
Join Us!
Last child book coverOur inaugural book group was such a success that Becca has agreed to host another.  There were so many good suggestions for what to read next that Becca finally put all of the titles in a recycled glass vase and picked one.  Our next book group selection is Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv.  This book is a call to action.  Our children need more frequent access to nature and nature needs our children.  Who else will steward it in the future?  As adults, we need to reacquaint ourselves and our children with nature through hiking, biking, camping and playing in the outdoors.  This book is going to jump start some great conversations.  Be sure to mark your calendars.  Copies of the book are available at Home Green Home. 

Book group dates:  Monday, 6/23  5:30pm (1st half of book)
                             Wednesday, 7/9  5:30pm (2nd half of book)
                              Location:  Home Green Home

Introducing Carolina Morning Designs
Meet our suppliers
Photo of zafus
For over 20 years, Carolina Morning (another Coop America member) has been crafting environmentally friendly yoga and meditation products in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Their yoga props, meditation cushions, zabutons, buckwheat support pillows and body pillows all have organic cotton covers.  The zabutons are filled with kapok, a fiber from the seed pod of the Ceiba tree.  We have a large antique bowl-full of it in the store if you'd like to see and feel it.  Interestingly enough, their organic yoga blocks are the only ones on the market that are completely grown and manufactured in the United States.  Carolina Morning also manufactures wonderful hemp yoga straps and flaxseed-filled eye pillows.  We like Carolina Morning because they are a small company committed to designing and handcrafting products that support mindful living.  Stop in and try out their products in our yoga and meditation area. 
Thinking Green
Green entails fair wages & meaningful work
sewing hands - photoA recent article in a newly popular "green" periodical highlighted an article on easy and inexpensive ways to green one's home. I was particularly drawn to the portion on organic cotton towels.  First place readers were directed to go?  Wal-Mart.  Price for organic cotton towel set?  $14.95.  Why, then, would anyone head to Home Green Home for an organic towel set priced at $38?  What is the difference between buying organic towels manufactured for a national chain (of mysterious origins) and organic towels manufactured by Coyuchi?

Both products are made from organic cotton.  That's a real step forward.  Organic textiles are becoming mainstream.  That's good for everyone:  farmers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers....the planet.  But sustainability is about so much more than organic. A truly sustainable culture is one in which we take the Golden Rule seriously, and only create jobs for others that we would want to work in ourselves. This is why we at HGH are trying to extend and apply the concept of Fair Trade beyond the rural handicrafts of developing countries, to help make it a universal human right locally as well as abroad. When fair trade certifications are unavailable, we look for a short "chain of trust" between ourselves and the hands that grow or make the product - and for evidence that our suppliers have the integrity and competence to ensure that these values are reflected in the reality, not just the mission statement.
Thanks for reading and be well,
Joe, Michelle, Becca, Kate, Megan, Margaret, Steph and Scott
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