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June/July 2011 
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Backyard Raspberry Fueled Edition 

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   Well, my recent commitment to writing these newsletters every month is already looking a bit weak. But a June newsletter sent in early July is better than no June newsletter, right? June, as usual, brought a bumper crop of organic strawberries into our kitchen. Those that weren't gobbled directly went into strawberry pies, strawberry daiquiris (Did you know there are certified-organic rums? I found a nice one from "Papagayo"), fruit smoothies, and into the chest freezer for winter smoothies.
   The path to more-sustainable living definitely seems to run through the kitchen... a theme explored in intriguing ways in Sandra Steingraber's new book, "Raising Elijah". Around 25 people enjoyed a reading and discussion with Sandra at HGH in June, and we are going to follow up with a book discussion on Wed July 20th at 7pm - mark your calendars!
Happy Raspberry Season-
Free Summer Outdoor Concerts 2011
Sustainable Entertainment Department

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Gathering to enjoy live music and dancing has been a mainstay of human recreation for thousands of years, and one of the pleasures that we can be pretty sure we'll be able to maintain in a renewables-powered sustainable future.

We've put together the following handy list, perfect for taping to your fridge door so you won't accidentally miss a favorite band this summer. With some local wine and cheese in the cooler, sustainable living does not get any sweeter!

Ithaca Outdoor Summer Concerts 2011 


(Bookmark the link for easy reference, and pass along to friends you'd like to dance with this summer!)   

New Products!

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 We have a number of new items in the store this summer. A recent arrival is the Sun Oven, a versatile solar-powered cooking appliance. Dazzle friends at your next cookout with solar potato salad! As a bonus, your home will be cooler inside as you were able to leave your indoor oven turned off!


Another energy saving item is the FreePlay FreeCharge, which allows you to charge your cell phones, music players and other gadgets by turning a crank. 


  Expanding on our popular lunchware lineup, we've added Ecolunchbox products, including their 3-piece rectangular stainless lunch box set, the oval stainless lunchbox, a fabric "furoshiki" lunch wrap in attractive prints, and a bamboo spork.


  A favorite of local gift givers has always been our line of drink tumblers made from reclaimed wine and beer bottles (with their tops cut off). We've expanded our selection of glasses (and vases) by adding a new supplier (Bottlehood). 


  There are probably a few more new items I can't think of right now (as well as a few very cool new additions coming in the next week or two) so stop in next time you're downtown! (Hint: new apparel is coming as well as a new mattress supplier!) 

Deep Life
If you live anywhere near the Marcellus Shale you've probably learned a lot about the pros & cons of methane extraction in the last year or two. One interesting thing I learned from Sandra Steingraber at her talk last month is that "deep life" exists down there in the shale. Scientists have only fairly recently confirmed that life exists far underground (2 miles or more below the surface!), in the form of thermophilic bacteria and archaea (and who knows what else). These microbes are mostly unknown to science, poorly understood, and possibly hazardous to breathe if accidentally brought to the surface. This is one reason (in addition to the technical challenges posed by the countless live bacteria in the fresh water used in the fracking process) that industry needs to add powerful biocides to their frack fluids.

Even putting aside all issues of toxicity to humans, it seems worth pondering the implications of rushing to destroy ancient colonies of life forms that we've had little chance to understand. (Reminds me of the human mining company in the movie Avatar, and their indifference to the complex and sentient ecosystems of the planet Pandora.)


Thanks for reading! See you in the gorges or on the Commons!
-- Joe & the HGH Staff 
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