July 2010
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Summer Sunshine Edition
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Mid-summer and life in the Finger Lakes is truly at its loveliest. Sweet blackberries ripening, bountiful local produce in the gardens, at the markets and on the grill, sublime fluffy-cloud-blue-skies and passing t-storms, cold Riesling and neighbors on the front porch, walks in the cool rocky gorges...as they say 'round here, "It's All Good!"...
Celebrating Our 3rd Birthday!

This month marks three years since we opened our doors in August 2007. Thanks to all of you who have supported us and helped to spread the word!
We'll have a 3rd B-Day Party on Saturday August 28th, so stop in that day for a slice of cake and a fabulous drawing for gift certificates. Mark your calendars!
New Product Spotlight
Way Basics Recycled Paper Furniture

Earthlust canary bottleOur approach to furniture is usually to look for fine craftsmanship and top quality natural and sustainable materials  - pieces with the durability of true heirlooms. But we recognize that there are situations where this approach can be impractical - a child's bedroom, a dorm or first apartment, the home office business with a shoestring budget. And we know the troubles with lower quality furniture - heavy particleboard items that offgas formaldehyde end up too soon in the landfill.
Here's a new approach - functional and modular furniture that's made from recycled paper. 62% lighter than particleboard, yet very strong, their "zBoards" are made from 99% post-consumer waste paper and a water-based non-toxic glue (they're also formaldehyde free). Perhaps the coolest part is, at the end of it's life you can simply recycle it.
So there you have it! Practical storage that's lighter on the earth as well as your wallet. Come in and check it out, or forward this to your favorite college student.
Material Spotlight: Kapok

photo kapok seedsPlush, soft and silky, kapok fibre comes from the seed pod of the tropical kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra) which is native to Central and South America, and grown commercially in Asia.
As a renewable product that's manually collected from rainforest trees (which need no chemical inputs), it is a low-impact fibre that can be an economic incentive for rainforest protection. Before synthetics came along, kapok was used in life vests due to its inherent buoyancy.
As a cushioning material, it feels similar to down but is considered more hypo-allergenic, making it a good vegan alternative to down. Besides being a great stuffing for sleeping pillows and meditation cushions, it is used by native Amazonian hunters as a wrapping on blowgun darts!
Our organic-cotton-cased kapok pillows come with a zipper, so you can adjust the fill later as needed (it will compress some over time), and we sell bulk kapok fiber by the pound for this purpose (or your craft projects...local organic stuffed bears?).
Net Inspirations

We Earthlings will certainly need to adapt our cultures quickly in the 21st century to create a sustainable and livable world in the face of, well, you know the list... One thing that gives me some hope is the internet, which may enable us to find and disseminate the best ideas and most needed wisdom, around the globe, and many times faster than previously possible.

Here are a few tidbits that we've found helpful or inspiring lately.

When you're needing a booster shot of rah-rah motivation, watch the video Four Years Go.

The latest installment from Annie Leonard in her Story of Stuff series is the Story of Cosmetics. Share it with someone who might benefit...

Finally, next time you have :30 and are tempted to watch a silly sitcom, try this Van Jones talk on hope and heartbreak...

If you're a fan of HGH on facebook, you may have already seen these tips, if not, you can surf over there and "Like" us right now!

We're busy getting orders in for school essentials like recycled paper notebooks, binders and folders... plus some new goodies this year like backpacks made from hemp or recycled plastic...as well as fair trade baskets to organize your dorm room...visit in mid August to check out all the latest gear... from trash free lunching to sustainable scholarship!
Thanks for reading, and have a great 2nd half of summer - hope to see you soon on the Commons or around town!

-- Joe for the HGH staff
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