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July 2008
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We're having a great summer and hope you are too! The raspberries in our backyard are still coming, and are a daily reminder that sustainable living does not require asceticism, it can involve sweet luxuries! Another luxury I feel good about is an outdoor meal at one of our wonderful downtown restaurants on a summer evening (my personal fave is Just a Taste). An added bonus of this particular pleasure is strolling around the Commons, and checking what's new at Home Green Home! (open until 8:30PM Thurs-Sat)
Happy Mid-Summer!
-- Joe & HGH Staff
Meet the Makers
Rowena Finegan of Eco-Terric
Kalamkari linens photo
Drawing on her deep background in textile arts, interior designer Rowena Finegan has developed a beautiful collection of Kalamkari linens. Production is done in a small fair-trade village operation in the Southwest of India. Designed by Rowena in conjunction with the artisans, this collection features organic cotton dyed with 100% natural dyes. All solids have been hand-woven, and all prints have been block-printed by hand, making each piece a truly cherishable, one-of-a-kind item.
Home Green Home is proud to offer curtain panels, placemats and napkins from this collection (new this summer & more items coming soon!). We also owe a debt of gratitude to Rowena for helping Cisco Pinedo several years ago to develop his uniquely all-natural upholstery construction system - another key element of the Home Green Home offering.
Thinking Green
A Holistic Interpretation of "Organic"
West Haven Farm photo

I'm about halfway through Michael Pollan's "The Omnivore's Dilemma" - a very thought provoking and informative read. One thread running through the book is the story of how the growing and distribution of food came to be industrialized, and how this has affected our dinner plates and ultimately our health. Pollan explains how the early organic movement, personified by visionaries like Sir Albert Howard, had a much broader idea of "organic" than today's fairly narrow USDA definition of acceptable farm inputs and practices. This earlier, more holistic view accepted that soils as well as human bodies are complex ecosystems unto themselves, which we'll never completely understand in a reductionist manner, and which we need to nurture using time tested methods that disturb as little as possible the natural systems involved.
At Home Green Home, we try to maintain a similar Big Picture perspective - it's not just about counting pounds of carbon or kilowatt hours or BTUs, it is about envisioning a healthy future world for all, and then finding the artifacts that make sense in that ideal context, or the closest approximations available. It's important to ask what impacts a given thing has today, but just as crucial to consider whether a purchase helps us down the road toward a sustainable culture.
-- Joe
Upcoming Events!

Sidewalk Sale
July 25 & 26
Up to 50% off select sheets, towels, pottery, scratch & dent items, furniture, and more.

Summer Concert Series on the Commons
Thursday evenings, 6-8PM
July 31 - Samite
August 7 - The Yardvarks
August 14 - Kevin Kinsella & Food Clothes Shelter
August 21 - Polarus
August 28 - IY & Jimkata - Welcome Back Students Party

Featured Artist: Harry Littell
Starting July 28; Reception September 5th
Photographer Harry Littell's striking images captured at Reamer Recycling yard in Ithaca's West End discover hidden beauty amongst rusted refuse, contrast natural and synthetic forms, and provoke reflection on our industrial culture.

Sustainability Seminar Series
Lessons from Primitive Pursuits with founders Tim Drake & Jed Jordan

August 13 at 6:30PM
Reconnecting with nature - in theory and in practice. Strategies and inspiration for getting out there and experiencing intimacy with the plants and animals of our region.

Enjoy the wonderful "gorge-ous" months ahead, and stop in to chat with us soon!
Joe, Michelle, Becca, Kate, Megan, Steph, Margaret & Scott