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January 2010
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Winter Wonderland Edition
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As I write, snow flurries continue to fly over the beautiful snowy field outside my home's south window, the boys have just come in from sledding and snowfort building, and it's almost time to light the day's fire in our masonry stove. Life is good. It's tempting, but so darn trite, to bring up New Years Resolutions. Let me just suggest that we all consider "ways to be" as well as "things to do". Gratitude, happiness and peace are gifts we don't need to wait for - we can practice giving them to ourselves every day - and we can recommit right now to enjoying them throughout 2010.

Best wishes for the coming year!
Joe & the HGH family
Book Group: No Impact Man
A 2 session discussion led by Lindsey Hardy

book image
Join us on Jan 19 and Feb 2 at 7pm to discuss Colin Beavan's book No Impact Man, the humorously told story of a family's yearlong quest to live sustainably in NYC.
Chapter 1-5 will be covered at the first mtg, the remainder at the second. Mark your calendars for an intriguing and inspiring discussion!

Read more about the book here, or check out Colin Beavan's blog.

We have a few copies in the store and will be getting more shortly.
Product Spotlight: FreePlay Energy
Human/solar rechargeable flashlights and radios

flashlight photo
The convergence of good rechargeable batteries, efficient solar cells, and bright LED bulbs means that we no longer have to experience the frustration of pulling a "dead" flashlight out of the drawer when we need one. We now carry a variety of lights and radios that can be charged up with a hand crank or by solar energy. While many probably see these as only emergency devices, we see the beauty in a device that lasts for years with nothing going to the landfill, and no shopping trips for batteries and bulbs. Why shouldn't all battery-powered gadgets be this way? Check them out next time you're downtown!
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Seminar: Home Detox 101
Thurs 1/28 at 7PM

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Healthy home expert Katie Kelly of Clean New York will help us to cut through the confusion about chemicals in plastic and furniture, which chemicals are of concern, and what we can do!

Both plastics and furniture can contain ingredients known to affect our health and environment, such as PVC, brominated flame retardants, and BPA.  Laws concerning these chemicals are outdated and ineffective, so we're left in the dark about how best to protect ourselves and families.

Join us at the store (215 the Commons) to learn more and check out some of the non-toxic options available at Home Green Home!
Katie Kelly is the Child-Safe Products Campaign Coordinator for Clean New York, a project of Women's Voices for the Earth
News: E-Commerce Launched!

We've recently launched a shopping cart feature on our website, which will enable more distant as well as local customers to browse our wares. Currently only a fraction of our products are listed online, but we're working to add more every week. Please help spread the word to friends and family that a new online option is here for green goods:
Thanks for reading!