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February 2010
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According to Punxsatawney Phil we've got another month of winter weather (I guess we already knew that here in central NY). Good skiing still abounds, while at the same time lengthening days and some afternoons above the freezing point of H2O suggest the delights of spring just around the corner. Today an abundance of sunshine has been streaming in the windows, and a web order for more insulated glass water bottles has arrived in the Inbox. Hope is in the air!
-- Joe
Personal Precautionary Principle
Why wait for the government to protect our families?

Clouds imageThe Precautionary Principle is the idea that, in the absence of scientific certainty about the risk of a product, if there is any cause for suspicion of harm, we should err on the side of caution. There has been some movement in the EPA and other government agencies toward adopting this principle, but there is significant pushback from industries worried about limits on innovation.
In some areas, like electronics, we're somewhat at the mercy of what's available in the marketplace, but in others, like household cleaning and laundry products, textiles, paints and furniture, it is usually possible to find products with simple time-tested natural ingredients that have been around for over 100 years. Even in the midst of the Oil Age where almost every item in the Home Store seems to be derived from petroleum.
  As the John Mayer song suggests, let's stop waiting on the world to change, and begin making simple changes for ourselves, our communities, and the planet.
New Product Spotlight
New Organic Mattress on the Block

   HealtSavvy Rest Serenity mattress imagehy all-natural mattresses have really been the core of our business these past 2.5 years, because increasing numbers of people are concerned about the effects of chemical flame retardants and other materials in conventional mattresses, and because the organic models are more comfortable, more durable, and often in the same price range as their synthetic cousins (e.g. memory foam models).
To solidify our position as the region's experts and go-to showroom for organic mattresses, we've decided to expand into a couple of new brands. We want to offer a great selection of firmnesses, feels and price points, and boost shoppers' confidence that they have "shopped enough" after an HGH visit. The first of several new models arrived recently - the Organic Serenity from Savvy Rest. Available in either a 10" or 13" pillowtop version, this mattress offers a lot of customizability. The firmness can be customized for each partner, anywhere from super-soft to extra-firm. Additionally, because the natural latex is arranged in three layers within the brass-zippered case, the feel can be altered later by swapping the layers' positions, or ordering a new piece of latex in a different firmness. Savvy Rest offers a 90-day latex exchange program so you can make adjustments if needed after you get it home and try it for a few weeks.
Stop in for a test drive and to kick the, um, rubber.
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Green Building Seminars

One of our favorite local education resources returns for its 6th year with great info on natural and green approaches to design, remodeling, and construction. Sponsored by the Ithaca Green Building Alliance (of which Home Green Home is a proud member) and Cornell Cooperative Extension, this year's series includes sessions on green materials selection criteria, adaptable design, reducing construction waste, new ideas in energy efficient design, and performance reality checks.

Takes place Tuesdays 7-9pm at the Unitarian Church, 208 East Buffalo St.

March 2: Evaluating Green Products & Materials.
March 9: Designing for Change
March 16: Reducing Construction Waste
March 30: Design from the Outside In with Ian Shapiro of Taitem Engineering
April 6: Green Building Theory and Reality

For more details, contact Guillermo Metz at 607-272-2292 or <>
Thanks for reading this far. Hope to see you soon. See below for a great offer good through the rest of winter.
  15% Back!
Been dreaming of a new organic mattress, all-natural futon or sustainably crafted armchair? Now's your chance...The Commons can be a bit quiet during winter, so bring in this coupon before the Spring Equinox and receive 15% of your mattress or furniture purchase back on a gift certificate. Use it to add an organic throw for your chair, an organic quilt to your bed, or whatever else your eco-conscious heart desires. Applies to any mattress, futon, or furniture item (sale items and floor models excepted).
Offer Expires: 3/21/10