August(ish) 2012 
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5th Birthday Edition!
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A few admittedly random thoughts -
Cooler fall weather is not yet here, but the colleges are back in full swing with the K-12 set soon to follow. Swing by for your last minute eco-conscious back-2-school shopping - we're well stocked with non-toxic lunchwares, drink bottles, notebooks, binders and pencils made with recycled materials, and lots more.

We get tons of out-of-town visitors during summer, but from locals we often hear, "I only visit the Commons once a year for holiday shopping". If you're one of those people (or even if not), consider sending us a few suggestions about gifts you'd like to give this year that might have a low eco-footprint. Send suggestions to <>.

If you haven't been downtown in awhile, note that some interesting new shops have been popping up lately, including F. Oliver's, Gorgers Subs, and the Art & Found. "'s not just for water pipes anymore..."

Finally, a few great events for your calendar...

9/16 PorchFest
9/22 Food Justice Walkathon & Street Fair
9/22 HGH Birthday Bash (1-5pm)
9/23 Streets Alive!
10/13 Green Buildings Open House

Happy September!
Happy Birthday to Us!

It's been a rewarding journey on a sometimes steep learning curve since our opening in August 2007. We're happy to report that we've been on a positive growth trend since we revamped/downsized in 2009 (when we began sharing space with Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon Company). In fact, last month was our best total sales month ever! What a great birthday present! We're grateful to all the Home Green Homies who've stuck with us as we've evolved from a large store focused on furniture and renovation supplies to a smaller and more eclectic green lifestyle boutique.

Help us celebrate this milestone at our 5th Bday Bash, Saturday Sept 22, from 1-5PM. We'll have cookies, local cider, and fun Birthday Bingo with valuable prizes!
Fun Facts: Natural Latex

A complex topic, but here's a quick bite.

Our most popular mattresses are made with natural latex (AKA natural rubber). The word itself sounds synthetic, like "Spandex" or "Windex", but actually the term has been used for several centuries to refer to the milky fluid present in many plants that helps them to repel insects and other herbivores. The term is also used interchangeably with "natural rubber", which is derived from raw latex tapped from the tropical Hevea Brasiliensis tree. Potentially rubber could be made from other plants, such as dandelions.

There are two ways to make foam rubber from raw latex - the Dunlop process and the Talalay process. Dunlop is the older and simpler method, which is typically done overseas, closer to the rubber trees. Our Talalay rubber is typically made in the USA, using a higher tech process involving a vacuum chamber with both freezing and heating steps, which allows for a wider range of resulting densities (range of firmness).

Our staff sustainability scientists have determined that natural rubber mattresses are significantly more comfy than burlap sacks stuffed with organic straw.
Product Spotlight: Upcycled Glassware  

From the early days, we've had juice glasses, tumblers and vases made from upcycled wine and beer bottles by the Green Glass Company in Wisconsin. More recently, we've added a large selection from Bottlehood (California). The new line includes a number of artisan beer brands that have some attitude, e.g. Arrogant Bastard Ale, Ruination IPA, and various interesting beers from Rogue Brewing. Other cool items include the Bombay Sapphire Gin Vase and the Patron tequila candy dish. Some green gift ideas to keep in your back pocket for the next apartment warming party...