April 2013
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Calm Before the Demolition Edition
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This year along with the spring peepers and robins we also hear a rumbling in the distance - bulldozers? It must be the telltale sign of Construction Season approaching. This year, downtown Ithaca will be host to flocks of the large yellow beasts as they gradually remake the Commons (over the next 16 months or so), as well as build new downtown hotels, apartments, offices and more. For a downtown retailer it's a bit scary, but also exciting when one considers the potential for us to arrive at a more lively, vibrant downtown on the other side. To check in on the plans and progress, you can look at the new Commons Project Blog. If you want to get artistically involved (or know an artist who might), check out the Adopt A Mural Project to beautify and colorize the construction site. No need to worry about holiday shopping - construction will pause around Thanksgiving and resume next spring. May it be a good year of renewal for all.
Extreme Permaculture Gardening

In May we are co-sponsoring a presentation by Jonathan Bates, contributing author of the new book "Paradise Lot: Two plant geeks, one-tenth of an acre, and the making of an edible garden oasis".

Jonathan will speak about his 10-year-old edible forest garden in Holyoke, MA. By using the principles of permaculture design, Jonathan and co-author Eric Toensmeier created a thriving edible ecosystem from a blighted dead landscape.

Monday May 13, 6:00-8:00pm

Tompkins County Public Library- Borg Warner Room


Featured Products

We have many items in the store made from recycled or upcycled materials, but one of the coolest lines IMHO is Alchemy Goods, an assortment of useful and stylish items made from blown bike tire tubes and vintage seat belts. We've recently expanded the number of items we carry from Alchemy Goods, including belts, handbags, messenger bags, iPad sleeves, wallets, toiletry/travel bags, zipper pulls, and more. Plus, you'll feel good supporting the cool folks who make these in Seattle.

A brand new product on our shelves this month is the bkr (pronounced "beaker"). It is an attractive glass bottle in a tight silicone sleeve, with great ergonomics and a large assortment of fun colors. With literally dozens of choices of stainless steel and glass bottles from HGH, there's really no excuse to hang onto plastic any longer. If you still need convincing, consider that Jennifer Garner has been spotted toting a bkr, and she was pretty darn adorable in "13 Going on 30".
Mattress Dept News - US Latex
Our most local mattress maker, WJ Southard, has recently switched from an overseas supplier of natural latex foam (AKA foam rubber) to a plant in Pennsylvania. The raw latex serum will of course still be imported (as the Hevea Brasiliensis tree does not grow in the US), but this improved supply chain has allowed us to lower prices a bit while also lightening the transportation footprint of the product.

Speaking of domestic sourcing, one of our locally made mattresses, the Archetype, is made with 100% USA sourced and processed materials (steel coils with recycled content, organic cotton fabric and batting, and wool batting). It is our most affordable as well as our most "locavore" (locadorm?) mattress.
We Are Hiring!

Part-Time Sales Associate
8-16 hours per week initially, then likely growing over time.
Great customer service attitude and a passion for sharing green living ideas are essential.

Part-Time Delivery Helper
2-8 hours per week

Drop off a resume to the store to apply for one or both positions.
We are a certified Living Wage employer.
Have a great spring, and don't forget to close the web browser and get outside as often as possible!

-- Joe & the HGH Staff
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