April 2011 
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Spring Peeping Edition
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The sun doesn't always return to Ithaca from his winter vacation as soon as I'd like, but I've been happy nonetheless to welcome back the red-winged blackbirds and the spring peepers to our backyard here at EcoVillage. If you've never heard a somewhat deafening yet wonderful peeper chorus, there's an audio sample here.
  I'll also be glad to welcome back the migratory primates who return each spring to the Commons. I think this year will be the first fully smoke-free year on the Commons, which hopefully will lead to an increasingly lively and attractive promenade for folks to enjoy on warm summer evenings. Despite thise, I've noted a lingering sense of negativity about the Commons in the local community.
   Your urban renewal mission, should you choose to accept it: Enjoy a downtown restaurant, and also walk around downtown before or after. Note the galleries, shops, public art and other amenities you like most. (If you see a shop you wish was open later, drop them an email.) Then, mention these positives to your local friends or visiting families. Write something positive about downtown on a blog comment or Yelp review or similar online venue. With enough of us generating good vibes, we can make downtown Ithaca an ever more stimulating and enjoyable destination for everyone, and avoid becoming an example of urban blight.
Mattress Floor Model Sale!

store photo with beds  Our mattresses are one of our most popular items, and we're often asked when they will go on sale. The answer is, "We don't run sales on mattresses except when we need to replace floor models, which is generally only once per year or so."
  Due to some pricing and small design changes from our local mattress company (WJ Southard of Syracuse NY), that time is now!
  Unfortunately, the cost of raw materials such as natural latex (rubber) and organic cotton have been increasing rapidly over the last 1-2 years, so retail mattress prices are going up across the industry. We are doing our best to keep these toxin-free mattresses affordable for as many people as possible by keeping our margins as low as we can, and holding them low throughout the year rather than seesawing between high and low prices. The good news is that, thanks to WJ Southard's factory being only 50 miles away, the shipping cost is minimal, and we can pass along that savings to you. We don't believe you'll find a mattress of comparable quality at a lower price, especially when you account for our free local delivery.

Floor models on sale include two Linklaen 6" Mattresses (Queen, $1200), one Linklaen 2" latex topper (Queen, $600), one Linklaen 6" Mattress (new Queen, $1500), one Original Innerspring Mattress (Queen, $1200).

We also have in stock one full box spring and one queen box spring, which we will include FREE with a mattress of the same size! (These are made with the same organic cotton and wool padding as the mattresses, and are also free of flame retardants.)


Product Spotlight
17th Century Suds

This small local company has hordes of adoring and loyal customers, because their soaps and creams are made with the purest of ingredients, and come in all sorts of delicious scents. You can find them at Ithaca Farmers Market (which is now open for the 2011 season by the way!), but on non-market days (and all winter) you can find their full line of products in Home Green Home's organic bath department. We also carry all varieties of the economical bulk size bars (you slice it into 6 bars art home). A number of 17CS junkies have discovered they can get their mid-week fix on the Commons, and we often find them rattling our door when we arrive in the morning.


Ithaca Sustainability News

You probably know that Ithaca is home to many non-profits, businesses, individuals and educational organizations that are pursuing projects on the cutting edge of sustainable culture.


Did you know that these efforts have been recently collected and celebrated in a book by local author (and EcoVillage at Ithaca cofounder) Liz Walker? We have a stack of copies on hand - check them out! Great gift for your Ithaca-loving friends and sustainability-minded family members!


One newcomer to the local sustainable business community you may not have discovered is Sustainable Passion. They are hidden away on Inlet Island (across from Island Health & Fitness). What do they offer? Well...healthier alternatives for... suffice to say I'm glad you can't see me blushing through the internet. I have heard (cough) that their massage oil candles (which provide romantic light as well as warm oil) are very nice.  



Thanks to all who participated in our customer survey in the last issue! Congrats to our two gift certificate winners. We received many great suggestions, and we are still assimilating them. The top 3 departments you chose for future expansion were:

1) Lunchware & Reusables
2) Locally Made Gifts
3) Organic Clothing Basics

We will endeavor to add more product in these departments in the coming year, so check in periodically to see what's new.

On a related note, local marketing maven (and Reiki Goddess) Michelle Berry has tasked graduate students in her Public Relations class with helping us to improve on our efforts in marketing and community outreach. One of the student teams will be sending a brief online survey to you, our newsletter subscribers, in the coming week, as part of their research. We thank you in advance for your input (or forgive you in advance for hitting [Del]!).

As always, you can send me ideas and suggestions as they occur to you, at <joe@homegreenhome.com>.
Thanks for reading, and enjoy the glorious return of budding trees and singing songbirds!


Joe & the HGH Staff


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