April 2010
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Earth Day 40th Anniversary Edition
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Spring is the easiest time to feel hopeful. As I see neighbors shuttling around with wheelbarrows getting their garden beds ready for action, I'm heartened by the thought that many Americans are growing more of their own veggies (2009 seed sales to homeowners were up around 25% over 2008!). Seeing Michael Pollan's books, which have been among the most popular in our store, continue to thrive on the bestseller lists seems to indicate a strong surge in food-consciousness in our society. If the way to our hearts is through our stomachs, perhaps the same is true for our minds. The Obamas' White House garden seems an apt symbol for this sea change in consciousness around the virtues of local, healthy and organic produce, and the pleasures of being (or knowing) the grower.

At HGH, we're stocking up on items to help you learn and implement best practices from the kitchen to the compost pile to the garden, and back again. Look for lots of new book titles on organic gardening, companion planting, composting methods, and healthy seasonal cooking. Our rain barrels can collect chlorine-free water for your plants, while our compost pails, worm bins and spinners can help reincarnate your kitchen scraps as rich fertilizer. Our domestically made CobraHead tool will help bring in your first weed crop. We have reusable bags and baskets of various types to carry all of your Farmers Market finds back to the kitchen. Our expanding line of lunchwares stand ready to carry your home-grown salads to work or school.

Hope to see you soon - Happy Spring!

Joe & the HGH Staff
New Product Spotlight: Credo Bags
A Full Line of Reusable Bags Made in Canada

Stop in and check out this new collection of attractively designed bags, refreshingly made by our friendly neighbors to the north rather than the far east. Includes various sizes of totes, produce and bulk bags, a baguette bag (my favorite) and a wine bag. Mostly made with organic cotton and a few in hemp, Credo Bags will help you rid your life of plastic bags, and make your next trip to GreenStar or Ithaca Farmers Market both easier and more stylish.
Activism Corner
Up to speed on Marcellus Gas Drilling?

Earthlust canary bottle
As many of you know, energy companies have leased hundreds of sites in our region for deep "hydro-fracking" style gas wells, and there is a big push with a "gold rush" mentality to proceed with few regulations in place in order to maximize the alleged economic benefits as quickly as possible. The risks to our air and groundwater are great in both the short and long terms.
To get up to speed on the current political organizing around this important issue, please visit Toxics Targeting's site, and the site of the ShaleShock Citizen's Action Coalition.
Earth Day Celebration

earth from space photoStop in on Thursday April 22 (11-6) for a chance to instantly win cool free stuff, from locally made beeswax candles to CFL bulbs to clay paint or tote bags! More details at the store, after we think them up!

For other local Earth Day events, see the Center for Environmental Sustainabilitywebsite.

A $5 Bill for your Thoughts

website thumbnail imageOver the past year we've put together an e-commerce enabled website, which we hope will help us to reach an audience beyond Tompkins County and ultimately allow us to serve all of our customers better. What we need now is more online visibility, and more credibility in the eyes of the search engines. This is where you can help.

Successful websites generally need to have lots of references (incoming links or other mentions) scattered around the web, especially at relevant sites that carry some authoritative weight. What we'd like you to do is write an honest review or comment about HGH somewhere, like on a green living blog you like, or at our listing on Google Mapsor Yelp or Yahoo Local. It should honestly reflect your experiences at HGH, and should be helpful and relevant to the readers of the site. After posting, send a link to the page to joe@homegreenhome.com, and I'll add $5 in store creditto your account (for now this will only be usable in the store, not on the website).

Thanks for your help in getting our web business launched!
Hydrate Simply

The warmer half of the year is upon us - a great time to think about sustainable and healthy hydration....

1) Check out Annie Leonard's (The Story of Stuff) new video short, The Story of Bottled Water. Even if you know all this stuff, I think her educational approach is worth checking out. (She also has one on The Story of Cap & Tradewhich is well done).

2) Happy with your tap water? Great! If not, we have effective and affordable counter-top filters that reduce chlorine and much more...

3) Got a reliable non-plastic water bottle that is enjoyable to carry and use? Great! If not, check out our food-grade stainless bottles with nature-inspired graphics, and our new all-glass insulated bottles as well.
Thanks for reading, and have a fabulous spring!
 Joe & HGH Staff