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sustainable furnishings

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Our customers are increasingly aware of the toxic chemicals present in most home furnishings. We strive to offer non-toxic options in mattresses, furniture and accessories. For us non-toxic is only the minimum requirement. Our goal is to find products that support responsible forestry, organic agriculture, quality craftsmanship, fairly paid workers, and ecologically sound practices throughout the supply chain.

Local & Regional Hardwood Furniture

Wood furniture is heavy, so we don't want to ship it farther than necessary. Fortunately, the northeast is blessed with an abundance of hardwoods suitable for furniture making, including ash, maple, cherry and walnut. In our area, we're also blessed with very talented local furniture makers such as Wolff & Nagel in Brooktondale. Elizabeth and Jim design and build our beautiful bed frames to order, and will happily customize the designs to meet your specific needs. Visit our bed frames page to browse available styles). Matching night stands and dressers are also available.

Upholstered Furniture

We offer the full line of high-quality 100% natural furniture by Cisco Brothers of Los Angeles, CA. We know of no other company making a wide selection of furniture with the option of using natural latex and other renewable natural materials instead of polyurethane foam and other petrochemicals. Owner Cisco Pinedo is a respected designer. His beautiful designs are brought to life by skilled artisans, who layer sumptuous natural materials onto sturdy FSC-certified hardwood frames in their Los Angeles workshop.

Art Furniture

Another local furniture maker we are featuring is Paul Colucci. Paul makes whimsical yet functional art furniture from salvaged wood and metal and found objects. Recent pieces have included armoires, coffee tables, hutches, hall tables, a kitchen island, wall-mounted cabinets, and a side table made from a stone sharpening wheel.


We're presently featuring nature photographs by local artist Fernando Llosa. This show brings us into intimate contact with the stone, water, ice and light that dance and play together in Taughannock Creek.

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