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Bed Frames

To complement our top quality organic mattresses, we offer sturdy and beautiful bed frames.

Local Hardwood Bed Frames

Our hardwood frames are handcrafted in Tompkins County from locally grown and milled cherry, walnut, ash and maple. Master furniture craftsman James Nagel hand selects the lumber for our custom frames, searching out extraordinary boards with beautiful grain patterns to feature in the headboards and footboards. Because our region is rich in hardwood tree species, local solid hardwood furniture is one luxury that is still sustainable. The sturdy 4" wide slats are made from select clear maple for optimum strength. Many of our frames are made from local ash, a species which is being rapidly harvested to minimize the spread of the invasive emerald ash borer. Frames can be ordered in the designs shown here, or we can customize your dream bed from your own design ideas or sketches. Wolff and Nagel can also consult with you on a design that will harmonize with your existing furniture. Each frame is elegantly designed by Elisabeth Bly Wolff & James Nagel for maximum ergonomic comfort, and solidly constructed to last for decades. Frames are finished with AFM Naturals Oil Wax finish (made with polymerized linseed oil, organic safflower oil and other plant-derived oils and waxes).

Upholstered Bed Frames

Made by Cisco Brothers using their unique Inside Green construction, these beds are built around certified sustainably-harvested harwood frames, and create a space of natural comfort using materials that include natural foam rubber (latex), domestic wool, jute, linen and organic cotton. Cisco Brothers has received awards for creating and sustaining good jobs in south central Los Angeles.

The Sweet Trees Bed

Sweet Trees bed frame photo

Made by Wolff & Nagel (Brooktondale, NY)

This gorgeous frame is made from local cherry, with a figured maple panel showcased in the headboard. Craftsman-style details include through-tenon joinery and tapered square legs, and elevate this piece to the realm of fine furniture. Maple and cherry call to mind the syrup of early spring and the fruit of summer - hence the name, "Sweet Trees". Customizations are welcome, e.g. you could opt for a solid headboard without the two "windows".

The Lucifer Falls Bed

Sweet Trees bed frame photo

Made by Wolff & Nagel (Brooktondale, NY)

This elegant and modern frame showcases the beauty of black walnut. The rails and footboard are solid walnut, and the headboard is a walnut veneer on formaldehyde-free plywood.

The Hammond Hill Bed

Hammond Hill bed frame photo

Made by Wolff & Nagel (Brooktondale, NY)

This frame is 100% local cherry in a simple but subtly sophisticated design.

The Aidden Bed

Cisco Brothers Aidden Bed photo

Made by Cisco Brothers (Los Angeles, CA)

This elegant bed features a rectangular tufted headboard with sides that curve down to meet the upholstered side rails.

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The Wilcox Bed

Wilcox bed frame photo

Made by Urban Woods (Los Angeles, CA)

Both modern and rustic, this frame is made from reclaimed wood from urban buildings in southern California.

The Freeport Bed

Sweet Trees bed frame photo

Made by Bedworks of Maine (Brewer, ME)

Made from solid ash, this factory-made bolt-together frame gets the job done for a very affordable price.